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Table 5 Summary of mercury fluxes from terrestrial regions [38]

From: Mercury in the terrestrial environment: a review

Region Evasion (average)
(Mg year−1)
Forest 342 7,5
Tundra/grassland/savannah/prairie/chaparral 448 9,9
Desert/metalliferous/non-vegetated zones 546 12,0
Agricultural areas 128 2,8
Evasion after mercury depletion eventsb 200 4,4
Total 1664
Volcanoes and geothermal areas 90
Biomass burning 675
  1. aCalculated over the total evasion from natural sources which sum 4532 Mg year−1
  2. bFriedli [42] and Mason [68] distinguish as a natural source of mercury emission to the atmospheric air of regions where there are episodes of sudden decreases in mercury concentrations in the air by deposition to the ground and then reemission. These phenomena occur mainly in the Arctic regions and Antarctica, and the emission from this source is estimated at 200 Mg year−1