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Table 1 Information regarding the main aspects addressed in OECD guidelines, where “NO CHANGE”, “CHANGE” or “TO DEVELOP”, “TO STANDARDIZE” (partly developed but needs standardization) are recommended for the hazard assessment of NBMs

From: Environmental hazard testing of nanobiomaterials

Subjects addressed in the OECD environmental in vivo hazard protocols
Principle of the test No change
Test acceptance/validity criteria No change
Information on test substance Change
The need for reference test substances To develop
Reference substance—ORGANISMS No change
Reference substance—MATERIALS To develop
Description of the test  
 The need for adaptations to test NBMs To standardize
 The need of instruments and techniques for environmental and biological media characterization To develop
 Preparation of media No change
 Selection and preparation of test animals (No)change
 Preparation of test concentrations Change
 Mixing the test substance to the media—the need for spiking and dispersion consensus Change
Performance of the tests  
 The need of testable materials and worst-case scenarios To standardize
 Test groups and control No change
 Test conditions and feeding No change
 Test design—The need to cover whole material life cycle and The need of relevant test duration Change
Data and reporting Change
 Treatment of results Change