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Table 1 Details of the studies under investigation; n.a.: not available; n.ap.: not applicable

From: Consideration of risk management practices in regulatory risk assessments: evaluation of field trials with micro-dams to reduce pesticide transport via surface runoff and soil erosion

Olivier et al. [29]Goffart et al. [21]aAurbacher et al. [6]bAreas [3]Areas [4]CIPF [7]UCL [41]
DeviceBarbutteBarbutteSelf-developed prototypesPrototypes (Grimme)Disc and drum ploughDisc and drum plough
Soil typeSandy loamVarious, up to 28% sandSilty “loess soils”Silt loamLoamSandy loamn.a.
Micro-dam height (cm)10–1710–1720–27≈ 513Several cm
Distance between the micro-dams (m)–81.61.5Several cm
Plot length/area30 m30 mUnknown≈ 5 mUnknown72 m275 m2
Slope (%)> 3< 3 and > 32–10< 3< 49, 1610–12
Plant protection product(s) applied?Yes, n = 4Yes, n = 5NoNoNoYes, n = 4Yes, n = 1
  1. The studies of Olivier et al. [29] and CIPF [7] were newly designed and more detailed results were available for evaluation by the authors
  2. aAll information given as mean of 5 trials over 2 years, consisting of trials both with slope < 3% and > 3%
  3. bMean values over 35 trials reported only