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Table 2 Characteristics of market-orientated applications of genome editing in plants (

From: Broadening the GMO risk assessment in the EU for genome editing technologies in agriculture

Type of characteristic Number of studies (1996–2018) Examples of traits Selected references
Increased agronomic value 38 Increased yield [164,165,166,167]
  Improved storage  
  Altered flowering time/maturation  
Altered composition 28 Reduced lignin content [157, 168, 169]
  Altered fatty acid composition  
  Increased nutritional value  
Biotic stress tolerance 16 Fungal resistance [170,171,172]
  Bacterial resistance  
Abiotic stress tolerance 5 Drought tolerance [173, 174]
  Salt tolerance  
Herbicide tolerance 8 Tolerance to glyphosate
Tolerance to imidazolinone/sulfonylurea
(ALS inhibitors)
[175, 176]
Industrial utilisation 6 Improved starch quality
Altered oil composition
[177, 178]