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Table 3 Detected PET mass contents in environmental samples using PET extraction and TED-GC/MS

From: Microplastic analysis using chemical extraction followed by LC-UV analysis: a straightforward approach to determine PET content in environmental samples

Environmental samplePET extractionTED-GC/MS
Sample weight/mgMass content/mg kg−1Sample weight/mgMass content/mg kg−1
Beach sediment, 1. extraction50,000Below LOD
Beach sediment, 2. extraction50,000Below LOD
Agriculture soil, 1. extraction20,000Below LOQ
Agriculture soil, 2. extraction20,000Below LOQ
Compost A500081.521.3Below LOD
Compost B5000Below LOQ23.9Below LOD
Compost C500010222.1Below LOD
Fermentation residue A300077720.4Below LOD
Fermentation residue B300021020.7Below LOD
Fermentation residue C300047520.5Below LOD
Particles of WWTP effluent500038.614.9Below LOD
Filter residue of greywater50014309.87Below LOQ
Sewage sludge, 1. extraction10,00098.7
Sewage sludge, 2. extraction10,000142
Dust sample A27612,5006.117100
Dust sample B14943,6008.2357,000