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Table 2 Analysis of the associations between MN frequency and concentration of PM0.5, PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), nitroPAHs, cPAHs (carcinogenic PAHs) and BaP (benzo(a)pyrene). The Incidence Rate Ratio (IRR), 95% Confidence Intervals (95% CIs) and p value are reported

From: Results from the European Union MAPEC_LIFE cohort study on air pollution and chromosomal damage in children: are public health policies sufficiently protective?

Air pollutant concentration IRR 95% CIs P value
PM0.5 0.988 0.968 1.007 0.212
PAHs 1.017 0.995 1.041 0.137
NitroPAHs 1.391 0.464 4.172 0.556
cPAHs 1.033 0.991 1.077 0.123
BaP 1.205 0.980 1.481 0.078
  1. All the associations were assessed including town of residence, temperature, child BMI and adherence to Mediterranean diet, exposure to second-hand smoke at home, having graduated mother and father in the model as potential confounders