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Table 1 Basic configurations for DPM model excluding bed boundary conditions

From: Numerical investigation of particles’ transport, deposition and resuspension under unsteady conditions in constructed stormwater ponds

DPM parametersSettingsRemarks
Particle time step size (second)0.001 
Iterations per flow time step20 
Max. number of steps5,000,000 
Coupling setupTwo-way couplingInteract with fluid phase
Particle regimeUnsteady-state DPMInteract with fluid phase
Density (kg/m3)1020Measured data
Boundary conditions for DPMInlet and Outlet: escaped
Bed: developed approach
Wall: reflect
The developed approach was specified by a UDF, for more details, refer to Table 3
Particle size distribution (μm)Defined using the Rosin–Rammler equationParameter: diameters’ classification = 10, n = 3.89, dmin = 300 μm, dmean = 565 μm, dmax = 800 μm
Particle injectionAt Inlet per flow time stepInitial velocity = flow velocity
Turbulent dispersion of particleStochastic modelingDRWM with CL = 0.05, 0.15, 0.25, 0.5
Impulse sediment per time (kg)0.1