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Table 1 The properties of the different sulfur substrates

From: Exploring the recycling of bioleaching functional bacteria and sulfur substrate using the sulfur-covered biochar particles

CodeSulfur substrateSulfur contentParticle sizeSourceNote
SSulfur powder≥ 99.5%200–300 μmShijiazhuang Jiyanzhengnong corporation
SCSulfur-covered biochar particles70%Irregular particles with size of about 5 mmPrepared by the laboratoryPrepared by solidifying melted elemental sulfur on the surface of the bamboo biochar
RSulfur powder mixed with rhamnolipid≥ 99.5%200–300 μmVICTEX corporationRhamnolipid surfactant is secreted by Pseudomonas. The added concentration in the research was 0.3 g/L [10]
CNoneControl check group, no sulfur substrate added
NNoneSterilization treatment group, added 200 mg/L NaN3