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Table 1 Determination of 10 research objects industries

From: Rule design and status quo evaluation on cross-industrial wastewater emissions trading in China’s typical industrial sectors

Basis and data sourcesIndustries
Water pollution key industriesNitrogen fertilizerPesticideChemicals materialsCookingPaperTextileFoodMetalElectroplatingLeather
Major participation industriesRaw Chemical Materials and Chemical ProductsPetroleum, Coking, Nuclear FuelPaperTextileFoodMetalGeneral Purpose MachineryTransport EquipmentElectrical Machinery and EquipmentPharmaceutical
Research objectsRaw Chemical Materials and Chemical Products (CP)Petroleum, Coking, Nuclear Fuel (PCN)Paper (PP)Textile (T)Food (FP)Metal (MP)General Purpose Machinery (GPM)Transport Equipment (TE)Electrical Machinery and Equipment (EE)Pharmaceutical (PI)