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Table 1 The LT50 values of the large and small juvenile grass carp subjected to TDG-supersaturated water

From: Effect of total dissolved gas supersaturation on the tolerance of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus)

Experimental groupsTDG levels (%)LT50
Large juvenile grass carp1406.37 ± 0.45A
13521.75 ± 0.87B
13036.55 ± 6.95C
Small juvenile grass carp14035.88 ± 8.08a
13561.49 ± 8.66b
13088.13 ± 6.13c
  1. The data are described as the mean ± SD (n = 2). Letters following the LT50 values indicate the results from a post hoc multiple comparison test between varied TDG levels. Capital letters apply to the effects of TDG on the large juvenile grass carp, while lower-case letters apply to the effects of TDG on the small juvenile grass carp. Values that do not share a common letter are significantly different
  2. – indicates that the LT50 value of juvenile grass carp at the 125% TDG level was not calculated (more than half of the individuals were still alive at the end of the experiment)