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Table 2 Nominal and measured concentrations of methiocarb in the water phase of the different treatment groups

From: Polystyrene microplastics do not affect juvenile brown trout (Salmo trutta f. fario) or modulate effects of the pesticide methiocarb

Treatment groupNominal concentration (µg/L)Measured concentration at start of experiment (µg/L)Measured concentration at end of experiment (µg/L)
Control0< 0.25< 0.25
Solvent control0< 0.25< 0.25
PS-MP (104 particles/L)0< 0.25< 0.25
Methiocarb1000463 ± 32237 ± 59
Mixture PS-MP + methiocarb1000469 ± 133308 ± 76
  1. Displayed are the arithmetic mean ± standard deviation of the three aquaria. The applied limit of quantification was 0.25 µg/L methiocarb