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Table 1 Main morphological features, withdrawal depths, and used abbreviations (Abv.) of the three investigated reservoirs

From: Managing climate change in drinking water reservoirs: potentials and limitations of dynamic withdrawal strategies

ReservoirAbv.Depth (m)Surface (\(\cdot 10^6\) m2)Volume (\(\cdot 10^6\) m\(^3\))Altitude (m asl)Latitude (°N)Longitude (°E)Withdrawal depths (m asl)
EibenstockES544.1186.1254350.5312.60487, 498, 504, 514, 519, 524, 529
LichtenbergLB390.9314.0549450.8113.45456, 457, 462, 468, 474, 480
  1. aSB has a flexible withdrawal structure that can extract water from a seamless range of depths