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Table 1 Description of below ground cattle manure sampling sites

From: Development of a test method for transformation of veterinary pharmaceuticals and biocides in anaerobic liquid manure

CodeManure storage tank volume (m3)StockLast treatment before X monthsFeeding
Beef cattleDairy cowYoung cattle
NRWa_1c10010045Pasture, silage (pasture)
NRW_2c10080303–6Pasture, silage (pasture), mash
NRW_3c10080> 6Silage (pasture, corn), shred
NRW_4c80900> 6Silage (corn)
NRW_5c100200> 6Silage (corn), food for fattening (e.g. rape shred)
NDSb_1c705050c3–6Silage (pasture, corn)
NDS_2c100170170c> 6Silage (pasture), straw
Hed_1c7090453–6Pasture, silage (corn)
BAYe_1c250f6530> 6Cereals, silage (corn)
BAY_2c2 × 2504030> 6Silage (pasture, corn), hay
  1. aNRW North-Rhine-Westphalia
  2. bNDS lower saxony
  3. cCalves
  4. dHe Hesse
  5. eBAY Bavaria
  6. fOpen storage tank