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Table 1 Substances analyzed in marine samples of the German Environmental Specimen Bank

From: Chemicals of emerging concern in marine specimens of the German Environmental Specimen Bank

AcronymbSubstance nameCAS no.Sampling site/matrix/time period
1985–20152015 20152015 1992–20152015 
Flame retardants
 syn-DPc,dDechlorane Plus, syn-isomer135821-03-3xx xx xx 
 antiDPc,dDechlorane Plus, anti-isomer135821-74-8xx xx xx 
 Dec 602Dechlorane 60231107-44-5xx xx xx 
 Dec 603Dechlorane 60313560-92-4xx xx xx 
 Dec 604Dechlorane 60434571-16-9xx xx xx 
 Cl10-antiDPDecachloropentacyclooctadecadieneNot availablexx xx xx 
 Cl11-antiDPUndecachloropentacyclooctadecadieneNot availablexx xx xx 
 1,5-DPMA1,5-Dechlorane Plus mono-adduct135821-04-4xx xx xx 
 EH-TBB (EHTeBB)2-Ethylhexyl 2,3,4,5-tetrabromobenzoate183658-27-7xx xx xx 
 BEH-TEBP (TBDEHP; TBPH)Bis(2-ethylhexyl)-tetrabromophthalate26040-51-7xx xx xx 
 PBEB2,3,4,5,6-Pentabromoethylbenzene85-22-3xx xx xx 
 PBT2,3,4,5,6-Pentabromotoluene87-83-2xx xx xx 
 TBP-AE (ATE)2,4,6-Tribromophenyl allyl ether3278-89-5xx xx xx 
 BATE2-Bromoallyl 2,4,6-tribromophenyl ether99717-56-3xx xx xx 
 TBP-DBPE (DBPE)2,4,6-Tribromophenyl-2,3-dibromopropyl ether35109-60-5xx xx xx 
 BTBPE1,2-bis(2,4,6-tribromophenoxy)ethane37853-59-1xx xx xx 
 DBDPEDecabromodiphenyl ethane84852-53-9xx xx xx 
 HBBz1,2,3,4,5,6-Hexabromobenzene87-82-1xx xx xx 
 TBA2,4,6-Tribromoanisole607-99-8xx xx xx 
 ∑ 6 PBDEPolybrominated diphenylether32534-81-9xx (2003–2017)  x (2003–2017)  x (2003–2017) 
Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substancesaNS 1NS 2BS
 PFBAPerfluorobutanoate375-22-4/2218-54-4x xx xx x
 PFPeAPerfluoropentanoate2706-90-3x xx x  x
 PFUnDAcPerfluoroundecanoate2058-94-8x xx xx x
 PFTriDAcPerfluorotridecanoate72629-94-8x xx xx x
 PFTeDAPerfluorotetradecanoate373-06-7     x (2015)  x (2015)
 PFBSPerfluorobutane sulfonate375-73-5/59933-66-3/45187-15-3 x  xx (2015) xx (2015)
 PFHxScPerfluorohexane sulfonate355-46-4/108427-53-8xxxxxxxxx
 PFHpSPerfluoroheptane sulfonate375-92-8x xx xx x
 PFDSPerfluorodecane sulfonate335-77-3/126105-34-8xxxxxxxxx
 PFOSAPerfluorooctane sulfonamide754-91-6xx xxx (2015)xxx (2015)
 PFOAcPerluorooctanoic acid335-67-1xxxxxxxxx
 PFOSPerfluorooctane sulfonic acid1763-23-1xxxxxxxxx
Cyclic volatile methylsiloxanesNS 1NS 2BS
 2018  2018  2018 
 D4cOctamethylcyclotetrasiloxane556-67-2 x  x  x 
 D5cDecamethylcyclopentasiloxane541-02-6 x  x  x 
 D6cDodecamethylcyclohexasiloxane540-97-6 x  x  x 
  1. Italics: substances identified by ICES [8] as chemicals of emerging concern
  2. aNot included are 25 PFAS that were only analyzed in 1 year and were not detected in any sample (data shown in Additional file 1: Tables S11 and S13)
  3. bAlternative acronyms in brackets
  4. cClassified as SVHC under REACH
  5. dSVHC classification refers to the sum of syn- and antiDP (= DP, CAS-No. 13560-89-9); Sampling sites: NS 1: North Sea—Lower Saxony Wadden Sea; NS 2: North Sea—Schleswig–Holstein Wadden Sea; BS: Baltic Sea—Bodden National Park; specimens: BM: blue mussel; EP-f: eelpout filet; EP-l: eelpout liver