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Table 4 Self-reported health problems under various situations in the house

From: “This perfume makes me sick, but I like it.” Representative survey on health effects associated with fragrances

Health effects when…General populationPeople who use fragrances to feel more attractivePeople who consider natural ingredients healthierPeople who prefer fragrance-free productsPeople who read referencesAsthmaticsFragrance-sensitive peopleAutists
Being in a room after it has been cleaned with scented products11.
Being near someone who is wearing a fragranced product10.26.911.417.218.624.451.155.1
Exposed to air fresheners or deodorizer9.47.311.115.317.924.047.544.9
Exposed to the scent of laundry products coming from a dryer vent6.
Exposed to fragranced products in work environment caused to become sick, lose work days, or lose a job5.
  1. Percentage of answers given by the general population and the various subgroups (sizes of groups see Table 1)