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Table 2 Self-reported health conditions

From: “This perfume makes me sick, but I like it.” Representative survey on health effects associated with fragrances

Health conditionGeneral populationPeople who use fragrances to feel more attractivePeople who consider natural ingredients healthierPeople who prefer fragrance-free productPeople who read referencesAsthmaticsFragrance-sensitive peopleAutists
Asthma or asthma-like condition21.419.021.523.124.7100.045.279.6
Allergic or unusually sensitive16.112.618.825.827.640.053.455.1
Multiple chemical sensitivities7.65.69.510.315.722.727.953.1
Total or partial loss of bodily or mental functions due to the exposure to fragrances6.
Autism spectrum disorder2.
  1. Percentage of persons who report respective health conditions (sizes of groups see Table 1)