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Table 1 Self-reported health effects associated with fragranced products

From: “This perfume makes me sick, but I like it.” Representative survey on health effects associated with fragrances

Health effectsGeneral populationSubgroups
People who use fragrances to feel more attractivePeople who consider natural ingredients healthierPeople who prefer fragrance-free productsPeople who read the referencesAsthmaticsFragrance-sensitive peopleAutists
Size of (sub)group110279961345831222521949
Respiratory problems11.07.611.917.719.224.455.330.6
Mucosal problems7.
Skin problems6.44.87.710.012.816.032.034.7
Neurological problems5.
Migraine headaches5.
Gastrointestinal problems4.
Cognitive problems3.
Asthma attacks3.
Cardiovascular problems2.
Immune system problems2.
Musculoskeletal problems1.
  1. Percentage of answers given by the general population and by the various subgroups to the questions about health effects associated with fragranced products. The numbers of the persons in the respective subgroups are given in the first line