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Table 6 Comparison of economic benefits of different tillage treatments

From: Effects of no-till and rice varieties on nitrogen and phosphorus balance in rice fields

TreatmentYield (kg ha−1)Gross income (USD ha−1)Production costsNet income (USD ha−1)Relative value (%)Benefit: cost
Tillage costs (USD ha−1)Other costs (USD ha−1)
  1. NTJ, NTG, CTJ, CTG indicate no-till/japonica rice planting, no-till/glutinous rice planting, conventional tillage/japonica rice planting, conventional tillage/glutinous rice planting, respectively. Yield: 2-year average drying yield; the price of japonica rice is calculated in 0.3806 USD per kg, the price of glutinous rice is calculated in 0.4181 USD per kg; other costs include the cost of fertilizer, seeds, etc.; net income = gross income − production costs