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Table 3 Effect of tillage methods and rice varieties on grain and straw yields

From: Effects of no-till and rice varieties on nitrogen and phosphorus balance in rice fields

TimeTreatmentGrain yield (kg ha−1)Straw yield (kg ha−1)
2016.10NTJ7090 ± 201b8089 ± 99a
NTG6374 ± 782a8292 ± 74b
CTJ7017 ± 205b7993 ± 150a
CTG6312 ± 113a8219 ± 125b
2017.10NTJ7332 ± 207b8233 ± 100b
NTG6569 ± 377a8360 ± 46c
CTJ7235 ± 202b8096 ± 37a
CTG6504 ± 58a8338 ± 54c
  1. NTJ, NTG, CTJ, CTG indicate no-till/japonica rice, no-till/glutinous rice, conventional tillage/japonica rice, conventional tillage/glutinous rice, respectively. Different lowercase letters in each column indicate significant differences set at p = 0.05 level