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Table 3 Data on the application of glyphosate in field trials with various HT GE soybeans. Field trials were submitted by Monsanto and Bayer for requesting authorisation of various HT GE soybeans in the EU for import and food and feed use

From: Insufficient risk assessment of herbicide-tolerant genetically engineered soybeans intended for import into the EU

EventApplicantGE plants made resistant to…Field trials conducted in …Amount of glyphosate appliedStageTotal amount of glyphosate applied
FG72 × A5547-127Bayer CropScienceGlyphosate, glufosinate, isoxaflutoleUSA< 1Before flowering (V5)< 1
FG72Bayer CropScienceGlyphosate, isoxaflutoleUSA< 1Before flowering (V5)< 1
MON87701 × MON89788MonsantoGlyphosateArgentina~ 1.5V6 to V8~ 1.5
MON87705MonsantoGlyphosateUSA< 1Pre-emergence< 1
MON87705 × MON89788MonsantoGlyphosateUSA~1–1.5V2-R1~1–1.5
MON87708 × MON89788MonsantoGlyphosate, dicambaUSA< 1Around flowering (V4-R1)< 1
MON89788MonsantoGlyphosateUSA, Argentina„label use rate“ ?
   USA~ 2Pre-emergence~ 4
    ~ 2V3 and R1/R2
   USA~ 3V3 and R1/R2~ 3
   USA~ 4V2 and ~ V3/4~ 4
   USA~ 3Pre-emergence~ 6
    ~ 2V3 and R1/R2
    ~ 1Pre-harvest
   USA~ 1?~ 1
RR 40-3-2MonsantoGlyphosateUSA~ 6Pre-emergence~ 7
    < 1Before flowering (V5)
   USA~ 6Pre-emergence~ 8
    < 1Early post-emergence
    < 1Flowering
   France, Italy< 1Early post-emergence (V5)~ 2
  1. The data were accessed via EFSA. The amount of glyphosate is given in kg (a.i.)/ha. When glyphosate was applied more than once, the total amount of glyphosate differs from the application rate