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Table 2 Some data on the amount of glyphosate application in regions where GE soybeans are grown. Unless otherwise indicated, the amount of glyphosate is given in kg (a.i.)/ha

From: Insufficient risk assessment of herbicide-tolerant genetically engineered soybeans intended for import into the EU

AuthorTotal amount of glyphosateCountryFrequencyTimingData source
Avila-Vazquez et al. [16]10ArgentinaApprox. 1260% pre-emergenceSurvey
Benbrook [10]4.45Argentina3.17n.i.Database analysis
Bindraban et al. [12]3.84Argentinan.i.n.i.Literature research
Primost et al. [17]1.9 to 9.1 average: 3.9Argentina2–6 (average 3.3)n.i.Survey
Papa and Tuesca [18]Approx. 5Argentinan.i.n.i.Calculation based on publicly accessible data
Benbrook [10]4.45Brazil3.17n.i.Database analysis
Bombardi [19]8.4Braziln.i.n.i.Calculation based on publicly accessible data
Pignati et al. [20]4.9–6.1 l/haBraziln.i.1–2 l/ha pre-emergence and
3–4 l/ha post-emergence
Database analysis
Pignati et al. [21]5.5 l/haBraziln.i.n.i.Database analysis
OMAFRA [22]1.8–2.7Canada1–20.9 pre-emergence
0.9–1.8 post-emergence
Guide to weed control
Franceschell [23]4.15Paraguayn.i.n.i.Calculation based on publicly accessible data
Benbrook [10]1.6–2.08USA1.7n.i.Database analysis
Monsanto patent application [15]8USA3–5Pre- and post-emergencePatent application
Monsanto [13]Max. approx. 8USAn.i.Pre- and post-emergenceRoundup product label
Perry et al. [24]1.5USAn.i.n.i.Database analysis
USDA [14]7USA1.1–1.5n.i.Database entry
  1. n.i. not indicated in the studies