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Table 2 EC10 and EC50 values [mg/kg] of the silver nanomaterial NM-300K for the inhibition of substrate-induced respiration activity

From: Evaluation of microbial shifts caused by a silver nanomaterial: comparison of four test systems

EC10 aEC50 aEC10 aEC50 aEC10 aEC50 aEC10 aEC50 a
70.31 [0.07–1.51]4.92 [2.43–9.97]0.12 [0.01–1.64]3.61 [1.13–11.53]0.30 [0.01–11.42]ndbndnd
141.69 [0.63–4.53]9.46 [6.25–14.31]0.12 [0.01–1.59]3.63 [1.15–11.50]2.71 [0.69–10.63]ndndnd
280.42 [0.24–0.76]10.28 [8.06–13.10]0.40 [0.07–0.88]10.04 [6.09–23.09]ndndndnd
  1. aValues in brackets indicate 95% confidence limit
  2. bnd, not determinable due to data quality or not plausible (e.g., considerably outside the range of test concentrations)