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Fig. 9

From: Freshwater ecosystems profit from activated carbon-based wastewater treatment across various levels of biological organisation in a short timeframe

Fig. 9

RDA results of biomarker studies in cage-exposed rainbow trout. Samples were taken before (dots: winter 2012/2013) and after (asterisks: winter 2013/2014; squares: winter 2014/2015) the WWTP upgrade. Data for fish exposed upstream of the effluent are displayed in blue, and the results for individuals exposed downstream of the effluent are shown in red. Red arrows depict the investigated endpoints. The length of the arrow indicates the magnitude of effect, and the distance between the arrow and axes indicates their strength of correlation. EROD liver: hepatic EROD activity; Hsp: heat shock protein level measured in various organs; histology: degree of histopathological alterations detected in various organs; Micronuclei and binuclei: percentage of erythrocytes with micronuclei and binuclei. The first axis was primarily determined by the factor “sampling year”, i.e. prior to and after the upgrade. The second axis was linked to the different cage positions, i.e. upstream and downstream of the effluent

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