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Table 1 HS classification of plastics and articles thereof

From: Ensuring sustainability in plastics use in Africa: consumption, waste generation, and projections

HS code Classification of plastics
3901 Polymers of ethylene, in primary forms
3902 Polymers of propylene or other olefins, primary forms
3903 Polymers of styrene, in primary forms
3904 Polymers of vinyl chloride, etc., in primary forms
3905 Polymers of vinyl acetate and other vinyl polymers, primary forms
3906 Acrylic polymers in primary forms
3907 Polyethers, epoxides and polyesters, primary forms
3908 Polyamides in primary forms
3909 Amino resins, phenolics and polyurethanes, primary form
3910 Silicones, in primary forms
3911 Petro resins, polysulfides, etc. nesoi, primary form
3912 Cellulose and chemical derivatives nesoi, primary forms
3913 Natural (inc modified) polymers nesoi, primary forms
3914 Ion-exchangers based on plastics, in primary forms
3915 Waste, parings and scrap, of plastics
3916 Monofil, cr-sect ovimm, rods, sticks, etc., plastics
3917 Tubes, pipes and hoses and their fittings, of plastics
3918 Floor cover (rolls and tiles) and wall cover, plastics
3919 Self-adhesive plates, sheets, film, etc. of plastics
3920 Plates, sheets, film, etc. no ad, non-cel, etc., plast
3921 Plates, sheets, film, foil and strip nesoi, plastics
3922 Baths, washbasins, lavatory seats, etc. of plastics
3923 Containers (boxes, bags, etc.), closurers, etc., plast
3924 Tableware and other household articles, etc., plastics
3925 Builders’ ware of plastics, nesoi
3926 Articles of plastics (including polymers and resins) nesoi