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Fig. 4

From: Prediction of fecal indicator organism concentrations in rivers: the shifting role of environmental factors under varying flow conditions

Fig. 4

RDA biplot of FIO and environmental parameters in river Rhine [a sampling campaign 1 (2010/2011); b sampling campaign 2 (2016/2017)] and in river Moselle [c sampling campaign 1 (2010/2011); d sampling campaign 2 (2016/2017)]. Environmental parameters are represented by black arrows and FIO by blue squares. 3d-Sum of global solar irradiance (GSI3), water temperature (WT), conductivity (COND), turbidity (TURB), dissolved oxygen (O2), 5d-sum of rainfall (RAIN5), E. coli (EC), intestinal enterococci (ENT), and somatic coliphages (SC). Solely environmental variables that significantly explained variability in FIO concentrations were fitted to the ordination (arrows)

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