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Table 1 Overview of investigated shot types

From: Assessing the leaching behavior of different gunshot materials in natural spring waters

Shot name Abbreviation Major element Coating
Rottweil Waidmannsheil Waidmannsheil Pb No
Rottweil Special 36 Special Pb No
Fiocchi PL 34 PL 34 Pb No
Rottweil Silver Selection Silver Pb Yes
Rottweil Steel Game Steel Game Fe No
Fiocchi Steel Shot Steel Shot Fe Yes
Winchester Blind Side Blind Side Fe Yes
SK Hubertus Zink Hubertus Zn No
Rottweil Ultimate Ultimate W Yes
Eley Bismuth Alphamax Alphamax Bi Yes
FOB Sweet Copper Sweet Copper Cu No
  1. For additional information about their full composition see Additional file 1: Data S1