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Table 1 Overview of the four high-alpine observatories whose climate gases’ time series form the basis for the characterisation of the Alpine CO2 and CH4 budget

From: Investigating regional source and sink patterns of Alpine CO2 and CH4 concentrations based on a back trajectory receptor model

Name of the receptor site (abbreviation) Country Latitude Longitude Height (amsl)
Environment Research Station Schneefernerhaus (UFS) Germany 47.42° N 10.98° E 2650 m
Sphinx-Observatory Jungfraujoch (JFJ) Switzerland 46.55° N 7.98° E 3450 m
Sonnblick Observatory (SOB) Austria 47.05° N 12.96° E 3106 m
Observatory Plateau Rosa (PRO) Italy 45.93° N 7.70° E 3480 m