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Fig. 2

From: Hazard grouping of nanomaterials for daphnia and algae toxicity: lessons learned from scientific projects for regulatory applicability

Fig. 2

Initially proposed grouping of different (nano)forms of CeO2, Fe2O3, and TiO2, and hypotheses on expected toxic potential to algae growth. The assumed qualitative differences in the toxicological potential were not confirmed and further aspects than initially considered need to be included for final conclusions [depicted nanomaterials from left to right—CeO2: NM 211, NM 212, NM 213; Fe2O3: F2O3_nano_A, F2O3_nano_B, F2O3_nano_larger; TiO2: undoped anatase, Eu-doped rutil, Fe-doped rutil, NM 105, NM 104]

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