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Table 1 List of compounds for which toxicity studies were evaluated

From: Relationship between magnitude of body weight effects and exposure duration in mammalian toxicology studies and implications for ecotoxicological risk assessment

Common name Pesticide class Mode of action CAS no.
Fenpropidin Fungicide FRAC G2 67306-00-7
Fenpropimorph Fungicide FRAC G2 67564-91-4
Fludioxonil Fungicide FRAC E2 131341-86-1
Propineb Fungicide FRAC “multi-site contact activity” 12071-83-9
Bromoxynil Herbicide HRAC C3 1689-84-5
Isoproturon Herbicide HRAC C2 34123-59-6
Propyzamide Herbicide HRAC K1 23950-58-5
Prosulfuron Herbicide HRAC B 94125-34-5
Pyrazone Herbicide HRAC C1 1698-60-8
Imidacloprid Insecticide IRAC 4A 105827-78-9
Methiocarb Insecticide IRAC 1A 2032-65-7
MK-239 Insecticide IRAC 21A 119168-77-3
Pymetrozine Insecticide IRAC 9B 123312-89-0
  1. Mode of action refers to RAC classes (IRAC (insecticides):, FRAC (fungicides):, HRAC (herbicides):