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Fig. 3

From: Determination of Sudan red contaminants at trace level from water samples by magnetic solid-phase extraction using Fe@NiAl-layered double hydroxide coupled with HPLC

Fig. 3

Optimization of enrichment parameters. a Selection of the eluent; b Effect of the Fe@NiAl-LDHs dosage; c Effect of the adsorption time; d Effect of the volume of eluent; e Effect of the elution time; f Effect of the sample pH; g Effect of the ionic strength; h Effect of the humic acid; i Selection of the sample volume. Experimental conditions: spiked level of analytes, 10 μg L−1; Fe@NiAl-LDHs amount, 50 mg; adsorption time, 60 min; elution volume, 6 mL; elution time, 9 min; pH, 7; concentration of NaCl, 0% (w/v); concentration of humic acid, 0 mg L−1; sample volume, 50 mL. For each parameter, it was optimized with other parameters keeping constant, and the optimal value was used after optimization

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