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Fig. 2

From: Integrating environmental parameters and economic benefits to analyze the ecological agriculture (EA) application in the mountain rice paddy system of Chongqing, China

Fig. 2

Physical–chemical characteristics of rice soil (a) and its pore water (PW) (b) between CA and EA. CA conventional agriculture, EA ecological agriculture, SMC soil moisture content, TN soil total nitrogen, SOM soil organic matter, AP soil available phosphorus, AK available potassium, SAK slowly available potassium, PW_DOC pore water dissolved organic carbon, PW_DIC pore water dissolved inorganic carbon, \(PW\_SO_{4}^{2 - }\) pore water sulfate, \(PW\_NO_{3}^{ - }\) pore water nitrate, \(PW\_NO_{2}^{ - }\) pore water nitrite, PW_NH + 4 pore water ammonium, PW_TP pore water total phosphorus

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