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Table 4 Significant biological processes and molecular function categories targeted by differentially expressed microRNAs (miRNAs) in insecticide expressing Bt GM maize plants

From: Systematic miRNome profiling reveals differential microRNAs in transgenic maize metabolism

GO ID Term description Number of transcripts FDR
Biological processes
 GO:0032774 RNA biosynthetic process 22 1.80E−11
 GO:0006351 Transcription, DNA-dependent 22 1.80E−11
 GO:0051252 Regulation of RNA metabolic process 21 2.40E−11
 GO:0006355 Regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent 21 2.40E−11
 GO:0016070 RNA metabolic process 23 2.10E−10
 GO:0031326 Regulation of cellular biosynthetic process 21 2.00E−08
 GO:0045449 Regulation of transcription 21 2.00E−08
 GO:0019219 Regulation of nucleobase metabolic process 21 2.00E−08
 GO:0009889 Regulation of biosynthetic process 21 2.00E−08
 GO:0051171 Regulation of nitrogen compound metabolic process 21 2.00E−08
 GO:0010556 Regulation of macromolecule biosynthetic process 21 2.00E−08
 GO:0006350 Transcription 22 2.00E−08
 GO:0010468 Regulation of gene expression 21 2.10E−08
 GO:0031323 Regulation of cellular metabolic process 21 2.20E−08
 GO:0080090 Regulation of primary metabolic process 21 4.40E−08
 GO:0060255 Regulation of macromolecule metabolic process 21 4.90E−08
 GO:0019222 Regulation of metabolic process 21 5.40E−08
 GO:0050794 Regulation of cellular process 22 1.40E−07
 GO:0050789 Regulation of biological process 22 3.40E−07
 GO:0010467 Gene expression 25 7.80E−07
 GO:0034645 Cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process 24 3.10E−06
 GO:0009059 Macromolecule biosynthetic process 24 3.10E−06
 GO:0006807 Nitrogen compound metabolic process 25 8.80E−06
 GO:0006139 Nucleobase 23 8.80E−06
 GO:0065007 Biological regulation 23 1.90E−05
 GO:0009058 Biosynthetic process 26 3.20E−05
 GO:0044249 Cellular biosynthetic process 24 0.00013
 GO:0043170 Macromolecule metabolic process 30 0.0022
 GO:0044260 Cellular macromolecule metabolic process 27 0.0037
 GO:0044238 Primary metabolic process 34 0.0046
 GO:0044237 Cellular metabolic process 31 0.0084
Molecular functions
 GO:0003677 DNA binding 35 3.00E−16
 GO:0003700 Transcription factor activity 21 2.40E−15
 GO:0003676 Nucleic acid binding 41 4.00E−15
 GO:0030528 Transcription regulator activity 22 1.10E−12
 GO:0005488 Binding 49 0.00041
  1. FDR values indicate the relevance of the function, with lower values suggesting higher relevance