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Table 1 Analysis of coconut fiber substrate used for the rearing and testing of Bradysia impatiens

From: A new ecotoxicological test method for genetically modified plants and other stressors in soil with the black fungus gnat Bradysia impatiens (Diptera): current status of test development and dietary effects of azadirachtin on larval development and emergence rate

Parameter Value Unit
Dry mass 17.1 % FM
pH (CaCl2) 5.2
Phosphorus 21 mg P2O5/L FM
Ammonium 0.3 mg/L FM
Nitrate 0.1 mg/L FM
Potassium 612 mg K2O/L FM
Magnesium 58 mg Mg/L FM
Salt 1.21 g salt/L FM
Organic carbon 44.5 % C DM
Calcium carbonate < 0.3 % CaCO3 DM
Soluble nitrogen 0.3 mg N/L FM
Bulk density 344 g/L FM
  1. DM dry mass, FM fresh mass