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Table 5 Summary of food contact materials made of aluminum.

From: Migration of aluminum from food contact materials to food—a health risk for consumers? Part I of III: exposure to aluminum, release of aluminum, tolerable weekly intake (TWI), toxicological effects of aluminum, study design, and methods

Food packaging
 Aerosol cans (e.g., canned whipped cream)
 Aluminum foil
 Containers for convenience foods
 Lids for yogurt containers
 Beverage cans
 Coffee capsules
 Tubes for mustard, mayonnaise
 Packaging for candy
 Composite materials for beverage cartons and packaged coffee
Food manufacturing
 Aluminum tanks for wine, juices, oil, milk
 Baking trays
 Meat and sausage hooks
 Machine parts
Cooking and kitchen utensils
 Baking sheets
 Bread boxes
 Coffee pots
 Cooking utensils (cooking spoons, ladles)
Household equipment
 Ice cream makers
 Moka pots
 Coffee percolators