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Fig. 6

From: Water quality assessment in the “German River of the years 2014/2015”: how a case study on the impact of a storm water sedimentation basin displayed impairment of fish health in the Argen River (Southern Germany)

Fig. 6

Frequency of erythrocytes containing micronuclei in fish of the Argen River upstream and downstream of the SSB effluent. Results are given as percentages of fish erythrocytes containing micronuclei (total of 2000 counted cells). Data are given as medians, 25th/75th percentiles (boxes) and 5th/95th percentiles (whiskers). There was a significant difference (p < 0.05) between U4 (M = 0; SD ± 0) and D4 (M = 1.78; SD ± 1.2). Analysis of data was conducted using paired t tests

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