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Table 2 List of ecotoxicity studies evaluated in the ring test

From: Criteria for Reporting and Evaluating ecotoxicity Data (CRED): comparison and perception of the Klimisch and CRED methods for evaluating reliability and relevance of ecotoxicity studies

Study Test organism Taxonomic group Tested substance Chemical substance classes Evaluated endpoint Peer reviewed GLP study References
  Cyanobacteria Algae Higher plant Crustacea Fish   Industrial chemical Biocide Plant protection product Pharmaceutical Steroidal estrogens
A Daphnia magna     X   Deltamethrin    X    EC50 48 h Immobilization X   [29]
B Lemna minor    X    Erythromycin     X   NOEC 7 days growth X   [30]
Ca Synechococcus leopoldensis X      Erythromycin     X   NOEC 144 h growth X   [31]
D Scenedesmus subspicatus   X     Deltamethrin    X    NOEC 72 h growth X   [32]
Ea Danio rerio      X Estrone      X NOEC 40 days sex ratio   X [33]
Fa Danio rerio      X Estrone      X NOEC 40 days sex ratio X   [34]
Ga Oncorhynchus mykiss      X Nonylphenol X      NOEC 60 days hatching success X   [35]
Ha Myriophyllum spicatum    X    Cybutryne   X     NOEC 14 days growth X   [36]
  1. aUnder discussion as a key study for EQS derivation