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Table 1 The ratios of tumour days in GMO-treated female rats to controls over different time periods, taken from Seralini et al.’s Figure 2 by summing numbers of tumours appearing over 25-day periods. A ratio of 1 would indicate no difference from control; this is approached in the last 100 days, showing numerically what can be seen in the figure, at which time the experimental findings become less significant, as described in the text

From: A challenge to scientific integrity: a critique of the critics of the GMO rat study conducted by Gilles-Eric Séralini et al. (2012)

Days Ratio tumour days treated/control Number of tumours × 25-day periods
100 to 550 3.04 91
100 to 650 2.38 179
550 to 650 1.92 88
650 to 750 1.23 94