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Table 3 Organism-level effects and assessed endpoints, according to the research area of studies and the investigated sample matrices

From: The value of zebrafish as an integrative model in effect-directed analysis - a review

Organism-level effect Endpoint Research area Matrix and reference
Acute toxicity Lethality and acute toxicity (respiratory rate, heart rate, movement) endpoints Environmental toxicology Sediment extracts [50], industrial effluents [33], rubber tyre leachates [32], oil sand process waters [57]
Natural products Cyanobacteria and algae extracts [47], seaweed hydrolysates [48]
Acute and developmental toxicity Lethal and morphological endpoints Environmental toxicology Sediment extracts [51], soil extracts [53], microalgae extracts [54], cyanobacteria extracts [55], river pore water extract [58]
Natural products Bacteria extracts [46]
Developmental toxicity Phenotypic endpoints Natural products Plant extracts [41]
Anti- or pro-angiogenesis ISV formation and/or function in wild-type or fli1:EGFP zebrafish Natural products Plant extracts [19,36-38,42-44]
Anti-angiogenesis and anti-inflammatory ISV outgrowth in fli1:EGFP, leukocyte migration after tail transection Natural products Plant extracts [40]
Glucose uptake Uptake of fluorescein-tagged glucose bioprobe Natural products Plant extracts [45]
Lipid storage modulation Uptake and metabolism of fluorescent fatty acid Natural products Heterofibrin molecules from Spongia sp. [49]
Antioxidant effects ROS generation, cell death Natural products Plant extracts [35]
Estrogenicity GFP induction in tg(cyp19a1b-GFP) Environmental toxicology Sediment extracts [52]
vtg1 gene expession by qPCR Environmental toxicology Oil sand process waters [56]
Anti-convulsant Locomotor activity, electrographic activity and epileptiform discharges Natural products Plant extracts [39]
Inhibition of pentylenetetrazol-induced seizure activity, WISH for brain c-fos expression Natural products Plant extracts [34]
Fear behaviour Alarm response, olfactory bulb activation in Tα1:GCaMP2 Behavioural sciences Skin extracts [59]
  1. ISV, intersegmental vessels; fli1:EGFP, transgenic zebrafish line with expression of enhanced green fluorescent protein marker in endothelial cells of vasculature; ROS, reactive oxygen species; GFP, green fluorescent protein; WISH, whole-mount in situ hybridization; Tα1:GCaMP2, transgenic zebrafish line with expression of the calcium indicator GCaM.