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Figure 5

From: Maize pollen deposition in relation to distance from the nearest pollen source under common cultivation - results of 10 years of monitoring (2001 to 2010)

Figure 5

Exponential model of EU risk assessment compared with power model described in this study. For maize pollen deposition versus distance to nearest maize field. Circles, data points from field measurements 2001 to 2010 (N =216). Blue solid line, expected mean deposition calculated using power regression equation Y =1.271 · 106 · X−0.585; Y, deposition in n/m2; X, distance from nearest maize field in m; dashed lines, confidence interval for expected deposition; dotted lines, 95% confidence intervals for single predictions; red line, exponential model used in EU risk assessment (Perry et al. [71], deposition values on slides used in equation 2.3 corrected for stated factor 3); solid, predictions within database up to 7 m from field edge; dashed line, extrapolation of exponential model over distance >7 m.

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