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Figure 4

From: Republished study: long-term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerantgenetically modified maize

Figure 4

Largest non-regressive tumors in rats fed GMO treated or not by Roundup andeffects of Roundup alone. Rats were fed with NK603 GM maize (with orwithout application of Roundup) at three different doses (11%, 22%, and 33% intheir diet; thin, medium, and bold lines, respectively) compared to thesubstantially equivalent closest isogenic non-GM maize (control, dotted line).Roundup was administered in drinking water at three increasing doses, samesymbols, environmental (A), MRL in some agricultural GMOs (B),and half of minimal agricultural levels (C), see ‘Methods’).The largest tumors were palpable during the experiment and numbered from 20 mmin diameter for males and 17.5 mm for females. Above this size, 95% of growthswere non-regressive tumors. Summary of all tumors are shown in the barhistograms: black, non-regressive large tumors; white, small internal tumors;grey, metastases.

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