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Table 6 Potential availability of alternative products for authorised uses of CFS-containing candidate products in Germany

From: Comparative assessment of plant protection products: how many cases will regulatory authorities have to answer?

Parameter All potential candidate products (n= 351) Potential candidate products containing CFS identified by environmental hazard criteriaa(n= 237)
Availability of alternative products for uses of candidate products Number of uses
 No alternatives available 1,096 813
 Any alternatives available 767 687
  1 alternative available 220 162
  2 alternatives available 126 112
  3 to 5 alternatives available 172 163
  6 to 10 alternatives available 82 77
  11 to 20 alternatives available 112 118
  21 to 50 alternatives available 42 44
  51 to 100 alternatives available 12 10
  More than 100 alternatives available 1 1
Average spectrum of uses of candidate products Mean number of usesb
 Including all uses of candidate products 18 18
 Including only uses of candidate products for which alternatives are available 7 8
Average availability of alternatives Mean number of alternative productsb
 For all uses of candidate products 3 4
 For all uses of candidate products for which alternatives are available 7 8
  1. Scenario based on the status of authorised products in May 2013. Candidate products are products containing one or more potential CFS; alternatives are products containing no potential CFS. aAs defined in the corresponding footnote to Table 4. bArithmetic mean rounded to integer values.