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Table 2 Proportion of active substances identified as potential CFS, broken down by use categories

From: Comparative assessment of plant protection products: how many cases will regulatory authorities have to answer?

Use categorya Total number of approved active substancesb Proportion of potential CFSc(%)
AC 8 38
FU 103 25
HB 110 41
IN 55 18
PG 25 12
RE 17 0
RO 5 60
Other 14 0
Multi 35 23
Not assigned 6 0
All 378 26
  1. aAssignment to use categories as given in the EU Pesticides database [[19]]; AC, acaricides; FU, fungicides; HB, herbicides; IN, insecticides; PG, plant growth regulators; RE, repellents; RO, rodenticides; Other, attractants, bactericides, elicitors, molluscicides, nematicides, and plant activators; Multi, multiple use categories apply to the same substance, also including uses as dessicant in addition to one or more of the other listed categories. bReference date: 31 January 2013; counting of approved active substances refers to the legal definitions listed in Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 540/2011 [[18]]; from a chemical perspective, parts of these are groups of substances or mixtures of substances; in addition to chemicals, the legal substance definition also includes viruses and bacteria, the so-called bio-pesticides. cPercentages rounded to integer values; potential CFS are those identified in the FCEC report [[11]], as detailed in the text.