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Table 1 Summary of actions taken by the local authorities in Po Valley

From: Research findings and decision making: the case of renewable energy

Friuli Venezia Giulia After the third day when the air quality limits are exceeded, replace the residential combustion of wood (if possible), with the exception of pellets, with other forms of combustion or heating
Bolzano province Combustion system > 35 kW required annual emission check
Combustion system < 35 kW required cleaning of flue three times year
Realization of district heating systems fueled by wood has incentives
Trento province Device installations for reducing emissions small existing systems have incentives
Lombardy region Limiting the use of wood-burning plants with low yields in urban areas with high population density and municipality sites of less than 300 m above sea level in height
Piemonte region Combustion system > 35 kW of emission limits is more stringent than the national law