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Table 1 Summary of bio-assays and biotests used in SchussenAktiv plus

From: SchussenAktivplus: reduction of micropollutants and of potentially pathogenic bacteria for further water quality improvement of the river Schussen, a tributary of Lake Constance, Germany

Indication level Test
Toxic potentials umu-test, Ames test (genotoxicity)
in vitro reporter gene assays (vertebrate cells, yeasts) controlled by Ah-receptor (dioxin-like toxicity)
GH3, RTL-W1-cell culture (cytotoxicity)
ELS-tests with zebrafish (developmental toxicity)
Growth inhibition test with Lumbriculus variegatus (developmental toxicity)
Growth inhibition test with Lemna minor (phytotoxicity)
Toxic effects Early life stage tests with trout (developmental toxicity)
Acetylcholinesterase inhibition in the fish brain (neurotoxicity)
Cytochrome P450IA1 (EROD) in fish liver and gills (dioxin-like toxicity)
Histopathology of fish liver, gills, and kidney and gammarid tissues (cytotoxicity, fish and invertebrate health)
Stress protein Hsp 70 (proteotoxicity)
Micronucleus test in fish blood cells (genotoxicity)
Macrozoobenthos community (community integrity)
Endocrine potentials E-Screen (estrogenicity)
Reporter gene assays in vitro (estrogenicity, androgenicity, anti-androgenicity)
Reproduction test with the snail Potamopyrgus variegatus (estrogenicity)
Endocrine effects Vitellogenin in juvenile and male trout (estrogenicity)
Gonad histology of fish and gammarids,
Gonadosomatic index (GSI) in fish (estrogenicity, androgenicity)
Sex ratio and fecundity in gammarids (estrogenicity, androgenicity)