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Figure 2

From: A case study of GM maize gene flow in South Africa

Figure 2

Comparison of wind, pollen load and cross-pollination roses. Graphical representation of the direction of pollen load (top panel), wind data (middle panel) and cross-pollination (bottom panel) for Bainsvlei 2005/2006 (BV06), Bainsvlei 2006/2007 (BV07) and Waterbron 2006/2007 (WB07). In the top panel, the summary pollen load (50,000 to 800,000) in four wind directions over 5 days of flowering is indicated. In the middle panel, the direction and speed of wind, in metres per second (0.01 to 0.08 m/s), over 5 days of flowering are indicated. The bottom panel indicates the direction of summary cross-pollination data over distance (× 100 m).

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