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Table 2 Overview of non-European and European field trials for the collection of agronomic data for GMPs

From: Scrutinizing the current practice of the environmental risk assessment of GM maize applications for cultivation in the EU


Years: non-European countries

Years: European countries/no. of locations

Herbicide applied (European trials only)

Maize MON810




Maize Bt 11


1995: FR/-


Maize 1507


2000: FR+IT+BG/3+2+1



2002: ES/3


Maize NK603

1999: US

2000-2001: DE/4



2002: FR/4


Maize 59122

2002/2003: CL

2003: BG/3



2003: US, CA

2004: BG+ES/3+3


Maize 1507 × NK603


2003: BG+ES/2+3

gly+ fb glu+

Maize NK603 × MON810

2002: US



  1. Two-letter country codes refer to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes (IT, Italy; ES, Spain; FR, France; BG, Bulgaria; DE, Germany; CA, Canada; CL, Chile; US, United States). '-', no data/information provided in the application; glu+, treatment with glufosinate; glu-, no treatment with glufosinate; gly+, treatment with glyphosate; gly-, no treatment with glyphosate; fb, followed by.
  2. aNo statistics applied; bagronomic parameters were assessed in non-treated plants only.